Friday, July 2, 2010


Oh monsters, my little monsters. M heard that the traffic is sooo bad outside right now because of the newly opened Forever 21 and that Bench thing going, so she decided to stay-in in the comfort of her living room, sitting in her acid pink ostrich leather couch, sipping strawberry martini  and watching old films in her 150-inch plasma TV. I don't know about you, but the only Forever 21 I know is my age and the only Uncut I wanna see tonight is my 18-year-old Croation boytoy beside me. So, as I sift through my collection of reels, I came across this fabulous fabulous film called Paris is Burning.  It's a film I bought in New York back in the days when I was still working as a stripper down in 23rd Street, It's a film about the drag balls from the '80s in NYC, where groups of gay men and transgenders, known as the Houses,  would out-walk and out-dance each other in various Vogue poses. Hence, the birth of the term Voguing. Hearing of the Panty Monsters and Cam Whores, I'm having flashes of  deja Vogue and thinking...maybe, just maybe, we could notch this shit a bit. Bottomline is, it's still all about money, success, fame and glamour. If you, monsters, don't have anything planned out tonight, go ahead and download this film in torrent and watch it. It'd be a nice extra point on your PQ (Pop-culture Quotient). 


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